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Thomas de Paula Eby – all you need to know

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Thomas de Paula Eby is perhaps best known as the husband of TV presenter Tilde de Paula Eby. But he is also known as a musician, especially as a percussionist in the band Hoffmaestro & Chraa, which has had several big hits in Sweden. Thomas de Paula Eby and Tilde de Paula were married in November 2012 and they have a son together, Ilyah.

Brief facts about Thomas de Paula Eby

Full nameThomas David Sebastian de Paula Eby
Known forAs Tilde de Paula Eby’s husband, but also as a musician.
AgeBorn in 1980, just over 40 years old.
Living inStockholm.
NumberThomas de Paula Eby’s phone number is hard to find online.

Thomas de Paula Eby and Tilde de Paula

Thomas de Paula Eby and Tilde de Paula Eby have been a couple for 13 years. Tilde de Paula, born 14 November 1972, is one of Sweden’s best-known presenters and has directed various productions over the years, mainly on TV4. The couple met 13 years ago, and in several interviews Tilde has said that she was initially scared when she met Thomas. Partly because she had been through several difficult separations with her children’s exes, but also because she was afraid of love itself. Over the years, they had met several times through mutual friends, but one night things really started to click. Thomas then contacted her, and they started a relationship.

Officially about Thomas de Paula Eby

On Merinfo and Ratsit you can find out the following about Thomas de Paula Eby:

  • He is 41 years old.
  • His address is Sankt Eriksplan 19 A in Stockholm.
  • He has no phone numbers or mobile numbers
  • He lives with Anatilde Eby, 50.
  • The next birthday for Thomas is 30 November.
  • He owns a vehicle.
  • He is married.
  • He has involvement in two companies.

There is no Wikipedia page or Wiki about Thomas, but those who feel compelled may create one themselves. For those who want to see a picture of Thomas de Paula Eby, just google and pictures will come up. Some people even google “Thomas de Paula Eby cancer”, but it is unclear why, as there is no official information that he has had cancer or a similar disease.

Thomas de Paula Eby and Hoffmaestro

If you google “Thomas de Paula Eby musician”, you will quickly find out that Thomas de Paula Eby makes his living as a musician, among other things. Thomas de Paula Eby has played in the famous band Hoffmaestro & Chraa. Hoffmaestro & Chraa is a band from Stockholm. The band’s breakthrough came with the film Stockholm Boogie, which premiered in cinemas in 2005. The band members themselves wrote the script and scored the film, including the hit Desperado. After the breakthrough, the band released two EPs and a full-length album, The Storm. Thomas de Paula Eby played percussion in the band. These are the band’s hits over the years:

  • Desperado
  • Young dad
  • Highwayman
  • Round it goes
  • Memories in blue

Thomas de Paula Eby in social media

Thomas de Paula is active on social media like many others. Among other things, he updates a lot on his Instagram account where he has over 3,000 followers. He also has an official account on Facebook where he promotes his music.

Thomas de Paula Eby and his family

Thomas de Paula Eby is married to Tilde de Paula Eby, and together they also have one child. Their common son is called Ilyah, and is 10 years old. He is also the stepfather of Tilde’s three other children. Their names are Naemi, Elian and Zion.

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