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Equestrian sports – one of the world’s most underrated sports

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Equestrian sport is one of the most underrated forms of sport in the world. It’s a sport that requires a lot of skill, precision and balance.

Equestrian sports are suitable for young and old alike. You can start competing when you’re a teenager, but there are also many riders who continue to ride or compete until late in life.

How many people do you know who watch that kind of sport? Not many, right? Read on to see why the sport is so underrated.

The different types of equestrian sports – what suits you?

Equestrian sport is a very large and diverse sport. There are different types of equestrian sports, ranging from jumping to dressage. What’s right for you depends on what you want out of the sport. If you want to compete, there are different disciplines suitable for different levels, from local competitions to international championships. Dressage and show jumping are the two most common disciplines, but there are also others such as vaulting and driving.

There are also different types of horses for different disciplines. For example, a dressage horse needs to have a calm temperament while a show jumper needs to be a little more energetic. It is also possible to compete in several different events with the same horse, but it usually requires a bit more training for both horse and rider to perform at the highest level in several events.

No matter what type of equestrian sport you choose to compete in, it will always be a challenge. You learn new things about your horse and yourself all the time. And it is precisely this that makes equestrian sport one of the most exciting sports to both practice and watch.

Interesting to watch

You can never really tell which horse will perform best. That’s why it’s also an interesting form of sport to watch, as the cooperation between the people and the horses is like a kind of magic. It’s also a fun sport to bet on, which says a lot about the sport. According to, the current Swedish environment for casino and betting on horse racing is safer and more accessible.

Excellent as a relaxed activity

of course, many people enjoy riding and caring for horses for calming purposes. Caring for horses can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

If you are fascinated by horses, this sport might be something for you to try.
If you are a beginner, try a riding school for beginners. Here you will learn basic riding techniques and have the chance to train on different types of obstacles depending on the type of training you are looking for. Once you’ve gained some riding experience, there are also opportunities to take part in competitions at different levels.

If you have any kind of interest in horses, we highly recommend trying riding or just watching the sport.


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