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How often does a bitch run?

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There’s a lot to think about when getting a dog. Which breed to get is one of the first things you think about. There are so many to choose from – jack russels, chihuahuas, pinschers, amstaffs and countless more. All breeds have their own specific characteristics and needs.

Once you have decided on the breed, the question arises as to whether you want a male or female dog. A male dog is more likely to be dominant and aggressive, but with a bitch there is always the inconvenience of running and perhaps shyness. The question is also, how often does a bitch actually run?

Two to four times a year

A bitch normally runs for the first time when she is 6-18 months old. Small dogs often start running earlier than larger dogs. The most common is that the bitch then runs twice a year. But there are big differences between individuals and to some extent between breeds.

Some bitches run only once a year, while others can run up to four times in a year. Even when it comes to how often a bitch runs, it’s the size that matters. Ticks of small dog breeds normally run more often than larger bitches.

The different phases of the cycle

One can also consider not only how often a bitch runs, but also ask the question: how long does a bitch run? Of course, this also plays a role in how difficult the running periods will be:

  • The flow starts counting on the first day of blood. The period of bleeding can also vary greatly in length – from 2 days to as long as 3 weeks.
  • The run-up begins after the bleeding stops. It usually lasts for about 10 days but can last up to three weeks, although this is rare. It is now that the chick can be impregnated.
  • The follow-up can last for 2-3 months. For some bitches it is not noticeable at all, but for others the hormonal changes can cause the bitch to become pregnant with larger udders and a clear psychological impact.

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